About Us

Make It Easi was founded to make you daily routines more entertaining and easier.

Live to your fullest

We believe that everyone should live to your fullest, and taking advantage of every minute of your life is the first step in the process. We know there are some activities and responsabilities that you can’t avoid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing them!

We carefuly pick and create our products especially to guarantee you an easier life so you can live it to your fullest and most importantly, having fun!



Doing the right things

Everything we decide is always thinking in the best for all of us, taking care of all the people involved in our processes. we take care of our suppliers, We know what hard work means and we pay the correct price for it.

Fairness & Decency

We are comited to take care of our clients orders with the most dedication to assure they receive our products the way it should be.


If you have any question or just wish to chat, you can always send us an email at hello@makeiteasi.com, we will be happy to chat with you. And always remember: "Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. BE HAPPY NOW!” (Earl Nightingale)

Your friends,

The Make it easi Team