Fleavet Electric Comb.

How to use your Fleavet Electric comb Properly?

In Make It Easi we are commited to give our customers the best service possible when purchasing from us, so because of some inquiries we recently had about how to use our new and upgraded Fleavet we created this blogpost to help you go throught all the process, starting when you receive your fleavet and ending on catching all the fleas from your furry friends!

Things to keep in mind when using your Fleavet comb on your little friends!

  1.  Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly.
  2.  Push the button of the teeth until it "clicks".
  3.  Make sure the fur of your pet is dry.
  4.  If your pet scares easily, don´t turn the device on, we recommend using it turned off at first and give a reward to your pet everytime you use the comb, once your pet gets used to it you can proceed to turn it on!
  5.  Allways comb in a 90 degree angle towards your pet.
  6.  when combing always search for fleas around the ears, at the base of the tail and abdomen, usually this are the places where most fleas hide.
  7.  if you need any help or aditional support, you can always reach us at hello@makeiteasi.com.

Hope this was something helpful for all of you! 

Now let´s have some fun catching fleas! ;)